Storage for small amount of make-up

Finally I can say I'm happy with my little make-up storage, I'm just getting into make-up and so far It's been kind of difficult to find a right place to store it, if I had more make-up it would be easier because I would give it a full drawer or a big box, but since is just a small amount, I have the impression that it bothers everywhere lol

The empty inside of the box, Isn't cute? 

Here is where I keep my palettes ( I only own small ones)
Here I keep my make-up remover wipes, some brushes, and tools

I added some My melody stickers to make it look cuter!

This is where I keep all my eyeliner/eye stuffs, one was originally a plastic glass(*) and the other one was a pencil holder

This is a coin can that my sister had and I stole it from her lol it's still empty, I thought it would be good for brushes, a lot of people have their brushes in cute glasses but I found that they would be covered by dust in just a couple of days, so now I prefer to have them in a case.

And finally, I keep all my face stuffs ( which are usually bigger like, foundation, powder, etc ) in a simple medium make-up bag.

This is the inside of the hello kitty make-up bag, Isn't cute ?!

I'll make a post with my desk/stationery storage soon ! It's as childish as this one, or cute (as you want to call it) :)

(*) : Plastic glass? Does that make sense?


  1. those drawers are just too cute! >w<
    i also have 2 plain pink drawers (like your last drawer photo), and i also put on some stickers XD
    it comes out cuter, indeed! ^ ^

  2. waaaaaa hello kitty!!!!!! so adorable! love love love 'em!