New year resolutions

A little bit late, but last night I thought I'd be a good idea to write them down here ! That way I won't forget them.

1) Eat more and healthier: I'm not happy with how I look, very skinny lately specially in my neck, shoulders and arms, I want to look healthy! actually I kind of like chubby people lol. I want to eat more fruits, veggies and even  vitamins in supplements if it's necessary!
2) Drink more water: I drink a lot of water but only when I remember it. So I'll try to always keep it in mind.
3) Think before talk: This is basically because sometimes I think I'm very rude to people, I just say the first thing that it comes to my mind and hut people's feelings :(
4) Help in the house with housekeeping: Because usually I'm very lazy -.-
5) Study more: My grades were pretty good last year but at practice I didn't do very well, I forgot things very easily and that just can't happen again!
6 Do exercise twice or thrice a week:  Of all my new years resolution this is definitely the most difficult, I was about to say every other day but I'm pretty sure I won't do it every other day so yeah, twice a week at least ! for 30 min- 1 hour ! (just a little bit because I don't want to lose weight)
7)Paint my room! : I only have 1 year left living in here but still want to try to do something different to my room.
8) Study English:  Since I finished my English classes I don't want to forget about everything I learned ! I know I'll be veery busy throughout the year but at least I want to keep it in practice.

And that's everything so far if I think about other one I'll edit this :)

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  1. your new year resolutions are almost same with mine, except no.6 and 7 XD
    i don't like sport and i've got my room painted after i moved to my new house ^^
    ah i also have finished my english class, so my only way to keep practice english is by commenting on poupee/blog, it helps a lot, i got nice TOEFL score because of it XD
    have you done ur no.7 resolution?it's must be satisfying to paint the room yourself :D